Summer Services

The hazy, lazy days of summer! Grass should be cut to the right length depending on the weather and temperatures, weed control, fertilizer and seeding should be done as well.


Flower bed creation


Sodding and seeding


Planting shrubs, trees & colourful perennials/annuals

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Special Programs:

 Our Most Popular Lawn Cutting Program: Seasonal contracts available from May to October. We provide once a week grass cutting, trimming and removal of all grass clippings from walkways and driveway.

4 Step Fertilizer Program: During the season; early spring, early summer, late summer and fall season. Moose Property Maintenance staff will fertilize with a broadcast spreader over the entire grass area.

100% Organic White Grub Control: Don’t give these annoying little pests any opportunity to get a foothold on your property. Not only do they destroy your lawn, they attract all sorts of unwanted animal, including raccoons and – yes -SKUNKS!

Equipment Rental: Moose Property Maintenance also offers rental of equipment such as; Dump trailer, landscape trailer and tractor with front bucket, call Marc-Andre at (613) 371-3923  for details.